Teachers Guide On How To Set CBT Questions


Follow the steps below to set up questions for your exam;

STEP 1: As indicated in the picture below, click on the “CBT” dropdown then select “Question Bank”


STEP 2: Select the “Class” and “Subject” you want to create questions for


STEP 3: Click on “+ New Question” to add a question to your question bank.


STEP 4: Follow the guide on the picture below to successfully add a question.


For Subjective question type, please follow these simple steps;

STEP 1: Select Subjective question type using the drop-down button as seen below.

NB:  step 6 in the picture above is to enable you easily source for your questions via the tag name you give. For if you tag a group of questions using “Eng test 1” as the tag. You can easily call up all the questions in the question bank with that tag and use those questions to set a test/assessment. This step also applies when creating any question type.


Follow these steps below for creating comprehension question type.

STEP 1: using the drop-down button select Comprehension Question as seen in the picture below

STEP 4: Click Submit when you are done setting questions and answer. 



STEP 1: As indicated in the picture below, click on the “CBT” dropdown then select “Manage CBT”


STEP 2: 

  1. Select the “Class” and “Subject” you want to create Test/Assessment for

  2. Click on “Add New Test/Assignment”


STEP 3: Follow the guide on the picture below to successfully add a question.


Important Points to Note

Entry 4 

If you choose to randomly selection questions, this means that the system will choose questions at random from your question bank created and send out to your student (that is, students taking the test will not have the same question) 

Entry 5

Only enter the Start & End date and time if you want all students to start at the same time e.g. all student will start next week Friday between 4:00 PM – 8 PM. Any student that tries taking the exam after this time range won’t be allowed to. It is important to note that this is an optional field.

Entry 6

Duration is maximum time each student is expected to spend answering the test/assignment questions.

Entry    7    

You can shuffle or randomize quiz questions and answers. Shuffling is also an effective way of preventing cheating because no two learners get questions in the same order while taking the same quiz.

Simply put on the shuffle question and/or shuffle answer if you wish to enable this feature.


Post Result Automatically is the same as a teacher marking a student script and giving it back to the student. So, if you wish for your students to see their script and also know the questions they got wrong, toggle this option On.

Allow to view correct answers is allowing the student see the answer they chose alongside the correct answer.


STEP 6: When through with setting questions Click on “Submit”.  Clicking on SUBMIT takes you to where you can assign questions to this test/assignment from your question bank. 


STEP 8: Follow the steps below to add questions 


Click Continue to go to the next page.

N/B: Confim you want all questions added to the test you created; you will be taken to the page in the the picture below to assign students to test. 

STEP 7: Click Go back when you are done assigning student and updating them successfully.


You should get a notification to say test was created successfully. 

STEP 9: When you go back to Manage CBT, below are actions you can take after creating test.

(Publish/ Unpublish Test): Clicking on this action make the Test/ Assignment visible to your students. Note that it being visible to the students doesn’t mean they can take it yet.

(Preview): This enables the teacher take the test/assignment just to have a view of how it’s going to look from a student’s view.

(Edit): Click on this to make adjustment to the test/assignment.

(Delete): Click on this to delete this test/assignment.