Using Educare LMS To Keep Up With The Pace Of Growth And Student Demand


  • An LMS to facilitate online learning to handle rapid school growth and changing needs

Products & Solutions

  • educare learning management module


  • Students and teachers quickly adopted the LMS
  • Online courses are now offered, helping the school implement a flipped classroom model
  • LMS accessibility allows students to learn 24/7

Rev.Fr. John Njorteah, Administrator of Mater Ecclesiae College, Lagos, Nigeria, had been searching for a platform to facilitate the delivery of online courses for the school. He was immediately drawn to educare because of how simple it is to use. He says, “One look at it and I thought it was fantastic. I immediately knew how to use it because it’s so much like the social media programs teachers and students are using outside of the classroom.”

Student Engagement Tips the Scale in Favor of educare

Rev.Fr. John knew educare was the right solution for them when student use of educare voluntarily grew from 78 to 179 students while he and his colleagues were investigating several other learning management and social learning tools. “Our students had spoken. This was the platform they wanted to use. I was impressed with educare, but student adoption made it an easy decision to move forward. I have never seen any product be adopted as quickly as educare,” he says.


Up and Running in No Time

Teachers across the school have embraced educare and quickly integrated it into their teaching strategies. According to Rev.Fr. John, “educare has the lowest barrier to professional development I have ever seen in my 7-year career in educational technology. Most teachers know how to use it without any training. Even the more complex functionality is intuitive. We do offer professional development, but mostly teachers have logged in and started using it on their own.”

Growing with the School’s Needs

educare will be an integral part of the school’s move towards offering fully online courses, which the school hopes will help save the expense of building a new high school. In addition to online courses, educare has helped teachers implement a flipped classroom model. They’re able to easily upload videos or other content for students to review at home.

“educare is available to students 24/7,” says Rev. Fr John. “With educare, they can delve deeper into content faster and easier than they could have before. educare has had a huge impact on our students compared to other technologies. The device doesn’t matter. Students can access educare wherever they are on whatever devices they have—laptop, desktop, iPad, or even smartphone. It extends learning.”